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2019 Plantmania is OPEN! April 12, 2019

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Please email to set up an appointment to come visit the garden and take home some plants!

So far this spring I have available these plants:

Comfrey    Sun Drops   Arum    Butterbur    Lenten Rose   Periwinkle    Monarda ‘Claire Grace’     Monarda ‘Raspberry Wine’   Tartarian Aster   Naturalizing Daylily   Yellow Twig Dogwood   Rose of Sharon   Winter Honeysuckle   Native Redbud       Moneyplant   Native Spiderwort   Celandine   Harlequin Glory Bower Tree   Painters Palette   Ostrich Fern   Obedient Plant   Periwinkle   Fernleaf Tansy   Yellow Flag Iris




Chinese Lanterns / Physalis alkekengi May 11, 2019

This plant is a star in the fall garden, creating the most adorable fruits for including in cut flower arrangements.  White flowers in spring are followed by orange fruits in fall.  Needs at least part sun, and grows about 2 feet tall.  Wanders throughout the garden.  Grows well in any soil, very drought tolerant.


Native St Johns Wort / Hypericum densiflorum April 21, 2019


A beautiful native shrub / small tree, with lacy foliage and bright yellow flowers in summer.  Mature trunks develop a shiny bark that looks almost metallic.  Great for winter interest.  Full to part sun, 6 feet tall.  Suckers when mature.


Kerria ‘Honshu’

kerria w leaves

This shrub has graceful, arching branches just smothered with buttery yellow booms in April, with delicately veined, bright-green foliage.  Blooms the same time as Forsythia but has so much more grace about her, and she blooms in shade as well as sun.  Grows 5 feet high and wide, suckers freely when mature.  Awesome cut flower to bring inside or share with friends.


Queen of the Prairie / Filipendula


This perennial has delicate pink blooms in early summer.  Dainty at first, they explode into a puff of pink, a powerful burst of color in the summer garden.  They love wet soil, full to part sun, 3 feet tall in bloom.  The leaves emerge a purple carpet in spring, and mature to a vivid green.   Fantastic cut flower.


Fountain Grass / Miscanthus April 20, 2019

Miscanthus sinensis 'Yakushima Dwarf'

Famed fountain grass grows about 4-5 feet tall.  Great for stabilizing a slope.  Handsome green foliage all summer, topped by beautiful white plumes in fall that last all winter.  Sun to part sun.  Fantastic cut flower for arranging.  Completely drought-proof once established.




Moudry grass / Pennisetum

Grass Moudry

Fuzzy flower spikes that are a smoky purple-black color emerge in late summer and contrast nicely with the fine, deep green foliage. Makes a wonderful accent in the sunny landscape, or plant it in drifts for a massed effect.  The ornamental grasses will dance and sway in the breezes.  Completely drought-proof once established.

Fantastic for stabilizing a slope or for erosion control.  Grows in sun or shade, 12-18 inches tall.  Great cut flower for arrangements.


Sea Oats / Chasmanthium

sea oats

This is an extremely fast-spreading grass great for erosion-control or stabilizing a slope.  Beautiful green foliage all summer, gorgeous seed heads in the fall that last all winter.  1-2 feet tall.  Reseeds easily especially in moist soil.  Sun to part sun, Native, great cut flower in arrangements.


Chrysanthemum ‘Rustic Glow’

Chrsyanthemum 'Rustic Glow'

This is no tender, wimpy florist’s mum.  ‘Rustic Glow’ is vigorously perennial, spreading to form a beautiful mat of foliage.  In fall, it is smothered in peach daisy blooms, 2 feet high, and a pollinator MAGNET.  Full sun for most abundant flowering.  Fantastic cut flower.


White Aster / Symphyotrichum ericoides

This white aster grows and spreads vigorously into a dense mat of foliage, and is covered in fall with a multitude of tiny white flowers that the pollinators love.  Native, grows in sun or shade.



Aster ‘Raydon’s Blue’

Aster-oblongifolius-Raydons-FavoriteFletcher,NC320My favorite fall aster blooms so prolifically in September that the entire plant is smothered in flowers.  3′ high in bloom.  Pollinators love her, and sometimes the blooms hang on into December!  When it is happy, it will form a large, dense mat of attractive silvery foliage in spring and summer.  Full to part sun, Native.