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April showers bring May flowers! April 13, 2011

Filed under: Announcements — annapolisplants @ 3:19 am

DSC_0510Anyone else out there ready for some sunshine?  This cold rainy weather has been tough for someone like me who loves being outside gardening.  Still, I’ve found time to pot lots of plants and I am ready for visitors.  The cherry tree is in full bloom, the magnolias are in full bloom, the viburnums are beginning, and the garden is beautiful.  Come visit!

I also have several varieties of heirloom tomatoes ready to go, grown in a cup of my own homemade compost.  These babies have never touched the chemical fertilizers in commercial potting soil, oh no!  Plant now and make your neighbors green with envy when you harvest tomatoes in early June!  I also have kale, lettuce, and basil starts, many varieties of coleus, sweet potato vine, and moonflower vine, pictured below.



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