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Plantmania 2013 is here! March 16, 2013

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Lenten Rose / Helleborus

Lenten Rose / Helleborus




Prunus Mume ‘Peggy’ / Flowering apricot

Spring has sprung!  Finally!
My garden is awake and I am happily potting.  I have many plants potted up already: periwinkle, vinca, st johns wort, aster, goldenrod, sedum, daylilies, tansy, comfrey, foxgloves, moneyplant, mint, oregano, garlic chives, strawberries, and more!  I’ve started seeds for tomatoes, basil, moonflower, and many others.  Coleuses and sweet potato vines are also available.

Please browse the website for the plants I have to share, and feel free to get in touch at if you have any questions or comments to share with me.  Thank you, and see you soon!


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