Audrey's Plantmania

An Annapolis gardener sharing her bounty at bargain prices

2018 Plantmania is OPEN! April 8, 2018

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Hello Plantmania Friends, I’m still here, I’m potting, and winter is finally on the run!

If you’re itching to get out there and garden, please email me at to setup an appointment to visit the garden and take some plants home.   I look forward to seeing you!

So far this spring I have available these plants:

Comfrey    Sun Drops    Strawberries    Sedum ‘Autumnn Joy’    Arum    Butterbur    Lenten Rose    Hypericum ‘Brigadoon’     St. Johns Wort    Periwinkle    Monarda ‘Claire Grace’     Monarda ‘Raspberry Wine’     Nandina    Tartarian Aster   Naturalizing Daylily   Yellow Twig Dogwood   Rose of Sharon   Forsythia   Winter Honeysuckle   Native Redbud       Moneyplant   Native Spiderwort   Sedum Angelina    Celandine   Harlequin Glory Bower Tree   Painters Palette   Ostrich Fern   Obedient Plant   Periwinkle    Salvia ‘Maraschino’   Fernleaf Tansy   Yellow Flag Iris   Yellow Archangel variegated groundcover


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