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Purple ruffles Shiso May 3, 2012


Growing here alongside chard and Verbena ‘Homestead Purple’ is the beautiful purple Shiso.  I call it ornamental but my mom swears it is used in Thai cooking as well.  Either way, this plant lends fabulous foliage contrast and texture to your beds.  It is an annual but drops seed so you will likely have volunteers each year.   Likes full to part sun for best purple color.
Recipe ideas here.



Moonflower vine (Ipomoea alba) April 13, 2011

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Amazing flowers as big as our hands, they unfurl like umbrellas as the sun’s rays fade.  Wonderful twining on a deck railing, they perfume the air with their sweet fragrance.  Flowers each evening in summer and autumn until the first frost.  Full sun.

Mine made plenty of seed but they were hard to germinate, so I only have a few!


Coleus and Magilla Perilla April 23, 2010

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Amazing foliage plants that add color and texture all summer long.  $3 each, limited quantities.  Annual, full to part sun.

Fuschia is Magilla Perilla.

Red is ‘Dipt in Wine.’