Audrey's Plantmania

An Annapolis gardener sharing her bounty at bargain prices

Sweet William / Dianthus barbatus July 19, 2017

This Dianthus is one of my new garden favorites.  A prolific bloomer with an extremely long bloom time (late April – June) make it a star in the spring border.  Since it grows only 12″ tall, it is a fantastic edger along the front of your beds.   Comes in many shades of pinks and whites, and is a pollinator magnet!  Prefers full sun, but grows well in any soil and is very drought-tolerant.

It is also a great cut flower which is long-lasting in a vase.


Foxgloves (Digitalis) April 27, 2012

The amazing foxglove stops people in their tracks with her beautiful speckled flowers in shades of pink and purple in May.


Stalks of flowers reach 3-4′ tall, and bloom for a long period in May, flowering first at the bottom of the stalk and following with more flowers all along the stem.  Wonderful for the back of a border, and makes a great cut flower.  Will grow in sun or shade.

She’s a biennial, but readily drops seed after blooming.  Or you can collect it and scatter it all over your garden.  A must-have show-stopper!




Moneyplant (Lunaria annua) March 7, 2010

Biennial, self-seeds readily, so it acts just like a perennial.  Takes sun or shade, purple (sometimes white) blooms in May, wonderful in the woodland garden or under trees.  Drought resistant.  3′ high when in bloom.

By the end of the first summer, the plant will be a large clump of leaves 6″ high and wide.  The 2nd spring, the plant flowers with purple or white stalks of flowers.  Afterward, you’ll see the “money” form, coins that start out green and then turn papery white.  Inside each “coin” are 3-4 seeds.  Spread them around your woodland garden and reserve half, if you like, to scatter the following summer.  That way you’ll have moneyplant blooming every spring instead of every-other.  Enjoy!