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Sun Drops May 31, 2010

A wonderfully cheerful yellow mass of flowers in late May, over dark green foliage that really makes the flowers pop! Loves a sunny spot and completely drought-proof once established.  Spreads slowly to make a large mat of foliage.  15″ high, great for the fronts of borders or for edging a bed.  Paired here with an artemisia for foliage contrast.


Evening Primrose (Oenothera) May 12, 2010

Large pale pink blooms 8″ high.  Fills in a sunny spot quickly, threading between other plants.  Wonderful edger.

Likes full to part sun.  Drought-tolerant once established.


Cranesbill Geranium

A sea of rose-pink flowers over a tidy clump of delicately cut foliage 12-18″ high.  A wonderful edging plant.  Pictured on the left with Agastache Golden Jubilee.

Completely drought-proof once established.  Likes full to part sun.

Evergreen leaves are tinged with red all winter.  A must-have plant for every garden!


Arum Italicum April 14, 2010

Dark, shiny, veiny leaves make a startling statement in the part sun or shade garden.  12″ high leaves are out fall through spring, evergreen in winter. They die back in the summer and the plant flowers, with a white jack-in-the-pulpit like flower.  Then the flower stalk produces berries which turn bright red.  In the fall the leaves return.  A very unique plant!


Yellow Primrose

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This dainty plant flowers in April, with delicate yellow flowers 6″ high over lime-green leaves.  Spreads agreeably to make a large clump. I started with one about five years ago, divided it many times, and now have about 10.  I’ll dig a large clump for you to take home for $5.  Limited quantities, alas.

Great for the fronts of borders.  Prefers a shady moist spot.  Mine get morning sun only.


St John’s Wort (Hypericum)

A wonderful edging plant, great in the fronts of borders or along a walkway or wall.  Beautiful even green foliage all summer long about 12″ high.  Yellow flowers in June.  Semi-evergreen through winter.  Can be used as a groundcover in full to part sun.