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Harlequin Glory Bower Tree / Clerodendron March 21, 2017

This tree is covered with white, fragrant blossoms in the late summer heat of July and August, and the butterflies adore her.  I often see 3-4 butterflies hovering at the same time over this tree.  After the flowers drop, a beautiful red calyx is left behind, often with a blue berry at the center — two seasons of marvelous interest!

Grows to be 8-10′ tall, 5′ wide, requires half to full sun to bloom.  Full sun.  Read more about it here in Fine Gardening Magazine.



Tartarian Aster May 13, 2014

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Tartarian Aster

Tartarian Aster


This superstar plant tops out by summer’s end at 5-6′ tall, with prolific clusters of beautiful blue flowers for the back of the border.  Just as the summer garden winds down, this beauty gives you a jolt of autumn color.  Fantastic planted with other fall bloomers like fountain grasses and goldenrod.  Butterflies love her and she makes a great cut flower.  Half to full sun for best blooms.  Completely drought-proof once established.





Comfrey ‘Hidcote Blue’ (Symphytum) March 13, 2012

A superb plant which is happy in both sun and shade.  Drought-resistant once established.

Gorgeous delicate blue flowers preceded by pink (!) buds in spring.  Large leaves almost look like lambs ears, only less fuzzy.  Evergreen leaves provide winter interest.

Slowly spreads to create a large massing of plants.  Can be used as ground cover plant.


Vinca major variegated February 2, 2012

A vigorous and indestructible groundcover for full sun or shade.  White-edged leaves are handsome all year round, even in winter.  Beautiful true blue flowers in spring.  Also trails beautifully out of planters or hanging baskets.
Laughs at drought.  Benefits from a hard shearing each year in late winter.


Periwinkle (Vinca minor) April 13, 2011

With delightful, true blue flowers in April, periwinkle makes a tough, evergreen groundcover that can grow in deep shade even under the canopy of mature trees.  6″ high.

Spreads and fills in gradually to make a thick carpet.


Hardy ageratum September 8, 2010

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Hardy blue ageratum has tidy lime green leaves all summer until late August, when it explodes with clusters of furry blue flowers.  Drought-proof.  2′ high with a clumping habit.  Full to part sun.


Siberian Bellflower May 31, 2010

Dainty true blue flowers in late May cascade over mounds of tidy green foliage. Spreads gradually to make a lovely carpet.  A fabulous rock garden plant or groundcover for full to part sun. May be evergreen in our climate, I can’t remember!