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Sweet William / Dianthus barbatus July 19, 2017

This Dianthus is one of my new garden favorites.  A prolific bloomer with an extremely long bloom time (late April – June) make it a star in the spring border.  Since it grows only 12″ tall, it is a fantastic edger along the front of your beds.   Comes in many shades of pinks and whites, and is a pollinator magnet!  Prefers full sun, but grows well in any soil and is very drought-tolerant.

It is also a great cut flower which is long-lasting in a vase.


Sweet shrub / Calycanthus ‘Hartlage Wine’ April 20, 2016

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Sweet shrub / Calycanthus ‘Hartlage Wine’

This shrub grows beautifully in full sun to part shade, gets 10′ tall x 6′ wide, and is covered with these large, gorgeous blooms in mid-spring.  Totally drought-resistant once established and easily pruned after blooming to a smaller size if need be.


Monarda ‘Raspberry Wine’ / Bee balm May 8, 2013

bee balm beebalm2Monarda ‘Raspberry Wine’ blooms prolifically over blue-green foliage in the summer, about 2′ high.
Full to part sun. Extremely drought-tolerant and a butterfly magnet.  Spreads rapidly to make large clumps to divide with friends!


Cranesbill Geranium May 12, 2010

A sea of rose-pink flowers over a tidy clump of delicately cut foliage 12-18″ high.  A wonderful edging plant.  Pictured on the left with Agastache Golden Jubilee.

Completely drought-proof once established.  Likes full to part sun.

Evergreen leaves are tinged with red all winter.  A must-have plant for every garden!


Virginia Spiderwort (Tradescentia)

Rose-pink or purple flowers in May on strappy grass-like foliage.  Spreads to fill in a sunny spot.

Likes full to part sun.


Pink hardy ice plant March 18, 2010

With tiny fingers of succulent foliage, this perennial looks a lot like the annual portulaca, only it returns year after year.  Slowly spreads to make a wonderful carpet of succulent foliage, with hot pink daisy flowers all summer long.  4″ high, laughs at drought.  Can be used as a ground cover or the front of a flower bed.  Full sun, 3″ high.