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Native St Johns Wort / Hypericum densiflorum April 21, 2019


A beautiful native shrub / small tree, with lacy foliage and bright yellow flowers in summer.  Mature trunks develop a shiny bark that looks almost metallic.  Great for winter interest.  Full to part sun, 6 feet tall.  Suckers when mature.


Sea Oats / Chasmanthium April 20, 2019

sea oats

This is an extremely fast-spreading grass great for erosion-control or stabilizing a slope.  Beautiful green foliage all summer, gorgeous seed heads in the fall that last all winter.  1-2 feet tall.  Reseeds easily especially in moist soil.  Sun to part sun, Native, great cut flower in arrangements.


White Aster / Symphyotrichum ericoides

This white aster grows and spreads vigorously into a dense mat of foliage, and is covered in fall with a multitude of tiny white flowers that the pollinators love.  Native, grows in sun or shade.



Aster ‘Raydon’s Blue’

Aster-oblongifolius-Raydons-FavoriteFletcher,NC320My favorite fall aster blooms so prolifically in September that the entire plant is smothered in flowers.  3′ high in bloom.  Pollinators love her, and sometimes the blooms hang on into December!  When it is happy, it will form a large, dense mat of attractive silvery foliage in spring and summer.  Full to part sun, Native.


Tall Black-Eyed Susan / Rudbeckia ‘Herbstonne’

Rudbeckia-Herbstonne-3 (2)

This native plant has attractive cut foliage in spring, and blooms mid-summer with abundant yellow flowers, each with a green cone.  At bloom, she is 5 feet tall.  A great plant for the back of the border.  Full to part sun.


Ostrich Fern / Matteuccia struthiopteris June 21, 2017

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This NATIVE fern grows 3-5′ high and readily spreads where happy.

Can form a dense groundcover if the ground is moist.

Can take full sun if moisture is abundant, otherwise part to full shade.

Beautiful fronds uncurl in spring.  Statuesque presence in the shade border all summer.


New York Ironweed / Vernonia noveboracensis April 22, 2017

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New York Ironweed grows about 4-6′ tall, great for the back of the border.  Bright purple in late summer.  Sturdy, totally drought-resistant once established.  Hairy leaves repel deer.


Late Bonaset / Eupatorium serotinum

late-flowering-boneset-DHDBC0 (2)_LI

This plant grows for me in sun or shade, in any soil.  Grows to be 3′ tall, covered with white flowers in lat summer that the butterflies and pollinators adore.  Native plant.


Cercis candensis / Redbud Tree (Native) April 3, 2017

Native Redbud tree blooms in April







This native tree grows to be 8-12 feet tall and requires full to part sun.  Smothered in pink flowers in April.  Seen here on the south side of a giant oak tree.


Obedient Plant / Physotegia March 25, 2016

Obedient plant / Physotegia blooms in late summer

Obedient plant / Physotegia blooms in late summer

One of the most colorful bloomers in the late summer garden, bees flock to the spikes of pale purple flowers for one more shot pollen before autumn comes.  Spreads at a medium rate into a large mass of color, for a smashing display in your flower bed.
Full to part sun, 24″ tall.