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Yellow Twig Dogwood / Cornus ‘Arctic Fire’ April 8, 2018

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Awesome color for the winter garden.  Grows 4-6 feet tall but is easily pruned to the ground each spring.  Color is most vivid on new growth.  Lime green foliage and white flowers in spring.  Full to part sun, grows in average soil and also loves moisture.


Bridal veil (Spiraea) March 21, 2017

bridalwreath This shrub is smothered with plumes of white flowers in the spring.  Grows about 4-5′ high.  Part to full sun.  Makes a fantastic cut flower.


Sweet shrub / Calycanthus ‘Hartlage Wine’ April 20, 2016

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Sweet shrub / Calycanthus ‘Hartlage Wine’

This shrub grows beautifully in full sun to part shade, gets 10′ tall x 6′ wide, and is covered with these large, gorgeous blooms in mid-spring.  Totally drought-resistant once established and easily pruned after blooming to a smaller size if need be.


Heavenly Bamboo (Nandina) February 2, 2012


Red berries and cascading evergreen foliage last all winter

Red berries and cascading evergreen foliage last all winter


One of my favorite shrubs in the garden.  A stalwart backbone shrub for every garden!

Glossy evergreen leaves cascade gracefully.  White flowers panicles in summer, followed by enormous clusters of bright red berries which cheer me up all winter and look fabulous in holiday swags, bouquets, and wreaths.  New growth is colorful, ranging from chartreuse to pink to red to maroon.  A real four-season plant.

Prefers sun but will tolerate even deep shade, with fewer flowers and berries.  Highly drought-tolerant once established.


Winter honeysuckle (Lonicera x purpusii) April 13, 2011

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Lusciously fragrant flowers in March, which linger for weeks.  This is prized as one of the earliest blooming and most fragrant shrubs known.  Grows to be a large, sprawling shrub 6′ high and wide, so give it plenty of room.  Flowers best in at least half-sun.

Great article this shrub here, including different ways to prune it into a small tree, espalier, or vigorous shrub.


Spring is here! March 21, 2011

I’m an Annapolis Gardener with lots of plants to share. Are you a beginner? Yard choked with weeds? Don’t worry. In addition to selling plants, I love talking about gardening, and I’d be happy to share my expertise and get you started. We all were beginners once, and almost all of the plants here require little care, so don’t worry!

Come visit my garden and take home an armload of plants.  Most plants here are $2 or $3 for a small pot, $4 or $5 for large pots, $6 for shrubs.  (Cash only please.)

I plan to keep adding plants as things come up this spring.  I’ve also started seeds for various annuals and perennials that I will sell here.  Keep checking back for the latest.

Gardening has enriched my life so much, and I hope it brings joy to yours as well!


Butterfly Bush (Buddleia) April 5, 2010










Butterfly bushes get to be 6-8′ tall, covered in blue-green lance-shaped foliage and spikes of flowers all summer long.  I have purple and yellow for sale for $6 each.

I also have a variegated cultivar, ‘Santana’, which has yellow margins on the leaves and bright purple flowers.

Butterfly bushes should be cut to the ground in early spring.  This reduces their scraggly look and promotes bushy, vigorous new growth from the base.