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Native St Johns Wort / Hypericum densiflorum April 21, 2019


A beautiful native shrub / small tree, with lacy foliage and bright yellow flowers in summer.  Mature trunks develop a shiny bark that looks almost metallic.  Great for winter interest.  Full to part sun, 6 feet tall.  Suckers when mature.


Bridal veil (Spiraea) March 21, 2017

bridalwreath This shrub is smothered with plumes of white flowers in the spring.  Grows about 4-5′ high.  Part to full sun.  Makes a fantastic cut flower.


Harlequin Glory Bower Tree / Clerodendron

This tree is covered with white, fragrant blossoms in the late summer heat of July and August, and the butterflies adore her.  I often see 3-4 butterflies hovering at the same time over this tree.  After the flowers drop, a beautiful red calyx is left behind, often with a blue berry at the center — two seasons of marvelous interest!

Grows to be 8-10′ tall, 5′ wide, requires half to full sun to bloom.  Full sun.  Read more about it here in Fine Gardening Magazine.




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What a strange March we are having!  Despite the cold nights, my garden is waking up and there are lots of plants looking for new homes.  Please come visit, take a stroll through the garden, and take some plants home with you!
I will be open Saturday March 25 from noon-5pm.
I am always available by appointment — please contact me at anytime if you need my street address, have questions, or would like to come visit another day.
 Thank you everyone, hope to see you soon!
So far this spring I have potted up these plants:

Hardy Pink Begonia / Begonia grandis October 14, 2016

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Hardy pink begonia is slow to emerge in spring, with beautifully veined and crinkled, pink-tinged leaves.  By late summer, boy are you glad you planted her.  Blooming in shade, the graceful pink blooms really catch your eye in a time of year when hardly anything else looks good.  I never have to water mine, they thrive without a care.   2′ tall, part to full shade.  Drought tolerant.  Spreads gently into a large clump.


Sweet shrub / Calycanthus ‘Hartlage Wine’ April 20, 2016

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Sweet shrub / Calycanthus ‘Hartlage Wine’

This shrub grows beautifully in full sun to part shade, gets 10′ tall x 6′ wide, and is covered with these large, gorgeous blooms in mid-spring.  Totally drought-resistant once established and easily pruned after blooming to a smaller size if need be.