Audrey's Plantmania

An Annapolis gardener sharing her bounty at bargain prices

Vinca major variegated February 2, 2012

A vigorous and indestructible groundcover for full sun or shade.  White-edged leaves are handsome all year round, even in winter.  Beautiful true blue flowers in spring.  Also trails beautifully out of planters or hanging baskets.
Laughs at drought.  Benefits from a hard shearing each year in late winter.


Solomon’s Seal (variegated Polygonatum) May 12, 2010

This beautiful shade plant has striped leaves and tiny white dangling flowers.  Spreads to form a large clump over time.  Lovely planted around a tree trunk or in a woodland garden.

Completely drought-proof once established.


Arum Italicum April 14, 2010

Dark, shiny, veiny leaves make a startling statement in the part sun or shade garden.  12″ high leaves are out fall through spring, evergreen in winter. They die back in the summer and the plant flowers, with a white jack-in-the-pulpit like flower.  Then the flower stalk produces berries which turn bright red.  In the fall the leaves return.  A very unique plant!


Painters Palette (Persicaria virginiana) & Hosta April 5, 2010

Painters Palette is a lovely plant that lights up the shade with its bright leaves, splashed with white streaking and a red chevron.  Also flowers in summer with plumes of tiny red flowers.  Quite striking in a mass.

Spreads slowly by stolons and seed to make a large clump which can be divided in subsequent years.  Also drops seed when happy, but seedlings are easy to remove.

foliage grows to 2′ and the flowers float above.  Full sun to full shade.


Variegated Ivy (PLANTERS ONLY) March 12, 2010

Evergreen variegated ivy looks gorgeous all year round dangling out of planters.  Pictured here with pansies and Magilla perilla, an annual I will also have available in April.  Can be grown in sun or shade.  Please use only in planters, as ivy is an extremely aggressive thug of a plant.


Yellow Archangel (Lamiastrum galeobdolon)

Perennial groundcover for sun or light shade, drought-proof, grows in dry-shade.  Variegated foliage, yellow flowers in June, 6″ high.  Spreads quickly by runners and lasts all winter with evergreen foliage.  Do not plant where you don’t want it to spread!