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An Annapolis gardener sharing her bounty at bargain prices

Bee Balm / Monarda April 26, 2014

This native plant has showy lavender flowers for a long bloom season June through August.  Drought-proof plant attracts butterflies and hummingbirds.  Full to half sun.  Deer resistant.  Spent flower stems provide interest in the winter garden.Bee balm / Monarda


Strawberries April 21, 2014



Strawberries are easy to grow in full sun, and don’t require any spraying or special coddling to get fruit.  They are great for edging a bed, so the fruit are right where you can reach them.

A few years ago I ordered named cultivars from a very highly reputed grower.  Now mine are spreading all over the place and I have many to share.

Cultivars I have are: Cavendish, Chandler, Earliglow, Record, Sparkle, and Mara De Bois.


Purple ruffles Shiso May 3, 2012


Growing here alongside chard and Verbena ‘Homestead Purple’ is the beautiful purple Shiso.  I call it ornamental but my mom swears it is used in Thai cooking as well.  Either way, this plant lends fabulous foliage contrast and texture to your beds.  It is an annual but drops seed so you will likely have volunteers each year.   Likes full to part sun for best purple color.
Recipe ideas here.



Bean seedlings April 3, 2010

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I have 2 varieties of bean seedlings to offer: Dragon Tongue, a stringless flat podded Dutch heirloom variety on the left and Purple Queen, a flavorful and prolific bush bean, on the right.  I love growing beans but I figured they might as well be beautiful in the garden as well as delicious!

$1 per seedling or 4 for $3.  Grows best in sun.


Squash seedlings

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I have 2 different squashes from seed, Cocozelle on the left and Golden on the right.  Squash are prolific producers and each plant will reward you with dozens of squashes through the summer.  $1 per seedling or 4 for $3.

Squash, like most vegetables, appreciate full sun.



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Here are some photos of the tomatoes I’ve chosen to grow from seed this year.  All varieties are listed for their excellent flavor.  They are L to R: Little Lucky, Polish Dwarf (great smaller tomato for planters), Roughwood Golden Tiger foliage and tomatoes, and Yellow Pear.

Available for $1 each plant or 4 for $3 in a 4-pack.  Try one of each!

Tomatoes need full sun to fruit well.